Dear teachers and teacher trainers!
I would like to invite you to an international course in the framework of the
LLP Comenius In-Service Training for Teachers programme!
New eJournalism – Educational Collaboration Across Borders Using Web based Tools
The “Midnight Sun” Course 2013, June 9.- 15. Inari, Lapland (Also new Web2.0 tools and devices in education)
Deadline for applications 16. January 2013
Costs of participation in the training event can be fully supported with Comenius In-Service Training for Teachers and other Educational Staff grants. (For European teachers and teacher trainers)
When and where?
Sunday 9 to Saturday 15 June 2013 in Inari (Lapland). Near lake Inari, one of the largest lakes of Finland. Indeed 24 hours light…
What do you learn?
The participants learn how to establish educational cooperation and collaboration using eJournals and video conferencing. All you learn can be adapted also the other project platforms and WEB 2.0 tools. You learn about various characteristics of international project work: themes, aims, stages in project work, learning scenarios, organization in mixed international teams, evaluation, balance between monitoring by teachers and free communication by students.
One aim of the course is to learn also how to use a web based tool, eJournals, for international projects. We will organise also many optional workshops how to use Mobile devices in education, iPad, other tablet computers, mobile phones…, how to create very simple audio- and video files.. introduce new learning platforms, Web2.0 tools etc. You will also learn how to use video conferencing in international projects.
All these tools and skills become more and more important to raise the quality of international projects.
You will get your own eJournal with full Videoconference feature that you can use for your international projects.
What does it cost?
The course has been officially accepted by the national Agencies of Comenius. This means that you have to apply to the NA of your country for a grant for the course.
The course fee is 650 eur and accommodation and meals (full board) is 650 eur.
Who can apply?
Target group : all teachers and teacher trainers (primary and secondary) who have basic ICT-skills (word, browsing on Internet).
More information?
Also at:
What is the procedure to apply?
1. You have to pre-register for the course. On the website you will find the information how to pre-register. Click on Course info and read article 1.
2. You will receive a mail from the organisers with the confirmation of the pre-registration. The organisers will provide help for filling in the application form on-line.
3. Contact the national Agency of your country about the next steps. You will have to fill in an application form for this course and to send it with the preregistration form to the National Agency.
Deadline for the application is 16 January 2013.
We expect that the online application form 2013 will be available at the websites of the National agencies only in December. But you might have a look already at the 2012 form to prepare you for the questions. There will not be many differences in the 2013 form.
Below can find a link to the addresses of your National Agency and ask them about the application deadline and the application form:
4. Contact the organisers when you know that your grant has been approved.
Also for EUMIND teachers , and those who want to join all the time growing EUMIND -Europe meets India Network, this course is very useful because it includes all the Eumind project elements; use of eJournals for projects, project scenarios, videoconferencing and optional EUMIND WORKSHOPS. It is also an opportunity to meet other EUMIND teachers.
Kind regards
Pentti Pirhonen
Chair, Comenius Comp@ct Network
Eumind Network

Pentti Pirhonen

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