Regional Director of Education in Western Greece, Dr. Georgios Panagiotopoulos


Dr. George PanagiotopoulosDr. Georgios Panagiotopoulos was born in Lechena, Ilia, in 1965. He graduated from the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, University of Athens (UOA) and the Rhodes College of Education.
He has attended the Marasleio Teachers’ Training for Primary Education and acquired a Diploma in Special Needs at the University of Athens. He also holds an MA in Management Health Care from the Greek Open University, and a PhD from the School of Humanities, Department of Early Education and Educational Planning, the University of the Aegean. His scientific publications are in education sciences with an emphasis on Lifelong Learning and Training as well as the relationship to the labor market. 
 He is a research associate of the TEI Patras, as well as tutor and consultant at the graduate program in Adult Education at the Greek Open University. He has been Director of the Second Primary School Lechena in the region of Ilia, Greece.
The professional and administrative experience includes positions of responsibility of both the Government (Ilia Prefecture 2002 – 2005), General Secretary (NA Elis 2005 – 2006), and the Public Sector (CEO NPID and Public Law, 1993 – 2004).
Today he is Regional Director of Primary and Secondary Education in Western Greece.

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